Waxed legs



At Beautique we only use the Australian Bodycare waxing system. This is the most hygienic, effective and easy waxing system that minimises the risk of cross-infection between clients. The system has been specifically designed for bikini lines, Brazilian and facial waxing but is excellent on all areas.


Smooth silky skin that last 4 to 6 weeks.

Half Leg 15 mins £15
Half Leg and Bikini 30 mins £20
Full Leg 30 mins £20
Full Leg and Bikini 45 mins £25
Underarm 15 mins £10
Bikini 15 mins £10
Brazilian 20 mins £20
Lip 15 mins £7
Chin 15 mins £7
Forearm 15 mins £15
Back 20 mins £20
Chest 20 mins £20
High Bikini 15 mins £15

We suggest that hair should be at least 5mm long, and skin should be clean and dry before waxing treatment. A moisturising lotion or oil will be applied after the treatment to help soothe the skin. We recommend that you do not expose the waxed area to the sun for a minimum of 24 hours after waxing. It is also advisable to avoid waxing just before and during your menstrual cycle, as the skin is often more sensitive during this time.