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Spray Tanning

We are fully qualified Sienna X Spray Tanning Therapists. Sienna X is a fairly new product on the market with the best reviews around.
Sienna has created real excitement in the media and the range has now become a firm favourite with many top journalists and TV shows including Gok Wan on 'How to look good naked', Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour, Gladiators and Scott Mills on Radio 1.

Your suntan is probably your most important beauty accessory, making you look and feel fantastic, whatever the weather, whatever you wear. So it makes sense to choose the leading spray tan - Sienna X - giving you a gorgeous bronzed look that will look stunning with every outfit! And remember, your Sienna X tan means you don't damage your skin with the aging effects of the sun.

There are many colours available, they only vary in DHA (colour of the actual tan). I will advise you on the best colour to compliment your skin tone to give the best looking tan.

Spray Tanning

Full Body 15 mins £20
Half Body - Legs/Upper body 15 mins £15
Top up tan after 7 days 15 mins £15
Course of 5 full body tans 15 mins £80

Before and After Checklist


The night before your tan, exfoliate with Sienna X ROUGH IT UP TO SMOOTH IT OFF, then moisturise with our MAKE IT MOIST MAKE IT LAST moisturiser paying special attention to elbows, knees, ankles, and any other dry problem areas.

Paint nails and toenails - especially if they are acrylics or similar.

Wax/shave at least 24 hours prior to tanning to allow pores time to close otherwise dotting in pores may appear.

DO NOT moisturise or use skin lotion on the day of your tan. It acts as a semi-barrier to the tan.

Remove make up, deodorant, lotions etc before your tan.


Wear loose dark clothing after your treatment. Any tight clothing or underwear may cause marks.

Wear flip flops or loose fitting shoes.

Do not shower or bathe for at least 8 hours (the development period). Leave overnight if possible.

Do not exercise/swim during development period.

Try not to touch your skin during the development time. After your tan the therapist will show you your hands are clear of tanning solution. Any marks on your hands are due to you touching the developing tan. Nothing will remove this after development! TOP TIP: use loose socks in bed at night!

After bathing/showering pat dry only.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Morning and night. Use Sienna X MAKE IT MOIST MAKE IT LAST tan top up WITH 4% DHA, so your tan is being continually topped up and extended. Wash palms after.

After day 4/5 exfoliate with the gradual exfoliator that's not too abrasive on the skin to keep the tan even.

So look gorgeous for longer - with Sienna X